Barack Obama's Diary

Dear Diary:  I'm refreshing my  basic Spanish  skills for our upcoming Cinco de Mayonnaise celebration at the  Casa Blanca. Gotta re-enthuse  that important Latino vote, like this:  "Hola! Como esta?" which means, "Hello, how are you?" And--  only for use by a cool prez like Me -- "Que pasa?" which means " Wassup bro?"
 Pretty good, huh? Though I say so myself... and I do. I must try that out on Sonia Sottomayor when I ask her why she's making trouble  in the Supreme Court. " Hola, Que pasa Sonia? Why are you guys in SCOTUS  questioning POTUS?"  Meanwhile,  maybe  Axelrod  can start a rumor that Mitt Romney used to eat  terrier tacos and make  his Guatemalan gardener ride of the roof of the station wagon. It's been a long day and it's time to say  a prayer to myself and cuddle up with Boo-boo my blankey... um-num-num-um...  Buenos noches, Boo-booAnd so to bed.