Barack Obama's Diary

Dear Diary: A quiet day apart from a few nervous calls from Cup Holder who is feeling the heat, not because it's 95 degrees in D.C. but he's scared that the Executive  Privilege I invoked  won't hold. "Who would dare defy me?"  I asked Cup, "I'm leader of  the Free World."
"Issa and Boehner? " asked Cup, his voice quavering. " Man up, Cup," I responded."don't let them sense that you're nervous."
The Biden stopped by for lunch and I regaled him with tales of my humiliations of Putin at Los Cabos. "Bravo Barack!" quoth The Biden.
 Boo-boo, my blankey is freshly laundered and his satin edging smells of fabric softener. I am going to slide into the Presidepedic now, after a brief prayer to  MySelf.  Caress me with your satin edge, Boo-boo... Barry luv Boo-boo...Um-num-num-um... zzzzzzz...