Barack Obama's Diary: Hit Mitt

Dear Diary: I had the dreaded pre-dawn call on the iPresidophone  yesterday morning. It was  John Brennan with  news of the Colorado massacre. I had to abort my Florida fund-raising tour and fly back to DC. Meantime things are even more combustible in the Middle East, with Syria in chaos, al-Qaeda ready to grab  any stray WMDs,  Bibi freaking out that al-Qaeda or Assad will use them on Israel and  Iran goading him with hints that they were behind the Bulgarian bus bombing.  When Bibi phoned late  today, he was highly agitated.  So to calm him  I said: " Israelis  didn't  build Israel, somebody else did that. " Silence.   By a weird coincidence, we had been  disconnected.
Vlad the Impaler called later saying he refused to back sanctions on Syria. I told him that he was on the wrong side of history. Silence. Another disconnection. [Note to self: Get Communications to diagnose  these infuriating interruptions  which seem to happen while  I'm giving other leaders  the priceless benefit of my experience in law and  international affairs.]
Thank goodness my blankey, Boo-boo,  never disconnects. I  am going to bed now to embrace his charms and dream of new ways to hit Mitt.  Maybe there's a new campaign slogan there: Hit Mitt.  Barry luv Boo-boo um-num-num-um...zzzzzz