Barack Obama's Diary: Choking with Hillary

Dear Diary: What a fuss about Hilary and I having a simple lunch together! Political junkies are agog, but all we did was what everybody does on such occasions-- mostly gossip.  She is seething about the Weiner affair because she feels Weiner's antics revive people's memory of Slick Willie and The Intern. But enough about that. She wanted to know what incentive Lurch had offered Bibi to  release  key Palestinian prisoners and go to the negotiating table. Had we promised to aid in bombing Iran's nuclear facilities? "That's for me to know and you to guess," I said. She nearly choked  on her  chicken with jambalaya pasta. "So, it's  true." she said. I remained inscrutable and left the  table to greet the San Francisco Giants on the South Lawn.  "Bastard," she said to my disappearing back. But enough about me.