Journal of Thomas Jefferson, a gentleman adrift in time

Upon my soul, I've had many strange experiences since waking in the bedroom of my beloved Monticello in an era much different than the 18th century. But,  of my manifold experiences, none has been has been stranger than watching what is called "TV" - a portal into the world of others.  Today, for example, there was much talk  on "TV" of an individual called Weiner who was said to have been distributing  representations of his reproductive organs to those who did not wish to see them. We foresaw a need, in the First Amendment of our Constitution, to protect free speech, as a barrier against tyranny. But we did not anticipate this kind of depraved abuse of our safeguard. A pox upon that vile Weiner and his perverted activities! Meantime, tonight I shall dine upon eggs, warm from the henhouse, and some  Indian corn and peas from the  vegetable garden. Happily, some things never change.