Journal of Mr. Jefferson, a gentleman adrift in time

Gentle readers, I learned the most extraordinary information today after my mysterious arrival  from the  18th Century. I learned from the "TV" that the current President of the United States, a certain "Barack Obama" appears to be actively undermining the Constitution and trying to govern by decree. Heavens to Betsy! I'm glad that we were so careful to build the division of powers equally into legislative, judicial and executive.  But why are The People -- being the employers of government--  not using the protection of  the Second Amendment to load their muskets with lead shot and oust this "Obama" and his so-called "Democrats" who foster such abuse of power? This America of the future is indeed a conundrum. Tonight, I shall dine upon a fat, crisply-roasted capon and ask the cook, a well-upholstered, comely wench, to serve me the remains, between slices of thickly-buttered bread, for luncheon tomorrow.