Dear Barry: LC's advice column

 Dear BARRY: We want to get a companion for our pedigreed dog. We are in the public eye a lot and are worried about taking heat for buying a pure-bred dog when so many mixed-breed dogs  are in shelters waiting to be euthanized. What should we do? --W.H., Seattle

Dear W.H:  I suggest you get the pure-bred dog  you want, give it a likable, happy name like "Sunny" or "Sunshine" and make a donation in its name to your local animal shelter. Start a socialized dog  care service called ObamaVet. Issue a statement claiming that if people like their veterinarian  they can keep their veterinarian and to speed  up legislation  get Nancy Pelosi to say that Congress will need to pass the law to understand what's in the law.-- BARRY, D.C.