Dim Crims: Woman recovers her car with finger 'gun'

 A 50-year-old nurse used her finger to convince the couple who allegedly stole her car that she had a gun and wanted her car back. Beatriz Pardo said that she pulled into a parking lot in Lacey, Wash., and spotted her car. Pardo called 911. But, before police arrived, the couple were preparing to leave, so Pardo confronted them.  The two, Nathan Austin and Robin Miller, denied having the keys. "I put the finger over here," she said, demonstrating how she used her finger, pointed like a gun, and jammed it into Miller's back.
"I held her and I told her, 'If you don't give me the keys to the car... I'm going to shoot you,'" Pardo recalled, demonstrating how she walked the woman and man over to the vehicle, where he unlocked the door with her keys, complete with a photo of her son on the key chain.
Pardo then told them the police were coming. Austin and Miller ran off and were captured by cops a few minutes later.  [Source]            [BJS]