Barack Obama's Diary: To the Links

Dear Diary:  I headed out this morning, in a motorcade, to the magnificent Grande Oaks Golf Club in Fort Lauderdale, half an hour  from the hotel  where I had stayed in a vast Presidential suite in Miami. I had, of course, asked Gramma Robinson to check my horoscope before I set out. It seems that Mercury speeds up for the next 10 weeks. This shows a quickening of the ability to coordinate, put things together, understand the whole and the parts and the process. It is now stationary at 3 Scorpio, affecting that area in my life for three months to come. That sounds like I will have an unfair advantage over my golf buddies -- just what I like. At the fourth hole I made my usual call to the Pentagon to approve a Predator kill  and thus unnerve my golf buddies. But, strangely, the military say they have no drones aloft at this point. But enough about me.