Barack Obama's Diary: Vlad closes the deal

Dear Diary: My day began with good news. My iPresidentophone  sounded a hip-hop version of Keep the Red Flag Flying, my ringtone for Putin. "Obamavitch, you expressed interest  yesterday in allowing Mother Russia to have a couple of relay stations within the USA to help us improve our GPS system, Glonass. I offered you the use of our blindingly fast OGRE supercomputer  to process your ObamaCare  patient claims almost before they are submitted. That will resurrect  your status as a hero of the Left and all for a few listening...cough...err...relay stations in the U.S."
 I replied wearily: "It's SoetoroCare now, Vlad. But, da.  I am very interested in your offer."
"Done!" said Putin. "Wait, Vlad," I said, but he had  disconnected before I could qualify my decision. But enough about me.