Revised Healthcare.gov stumbles out of the gate

The new and supposedly improved HealthCare.gov isn't off to a great start. The site flooded with traffic yesterday morning, slowing it to a crawl and spiking its error rate, the LA Times reports. By 10am the government had turned on a "queuing" feature, essentially putting would-be applicants on hold. At that point about 35,000 people were on the site—less than its promised capacity of 50,000. Later in the day the administration said that performance had improved, and that 750,000 had used the site by 5:30pm.
But here's the rub: Many of those people might not actually be insured. Insurers began sounding the alarm yesterday, because errors are still plaguing the back end of the site where people actually buy coverage. Many may not actually be enrolled, NBC News reports. The administration says it's urging people to make sure they've submitted a payment, and to check with their insurer. [Source]   BJS