Barack Obama's Diary: Michelle, woman of mystery

Dear Diary: I have been despairing all day, waiting for a call from Michelle who has been staying with the Grand Ole Oprah on Maui. I'm sure Oprah has been  putting ideas in Michelle's head of leading life independently from me. Eventually, my iPresidentophone sounded the police siren sound assigned to Michelle. "Hi, sweetie," I said, for it was she.
"Don't you sweetie me," came the reply."I hear that Dr. Rink,  has been sleeping over in our quarters,"
"Yes, sweet thing," I replied. " He has a room to bunk down in when necessary, but it's not in our quarters and it was arranged by Valerie Jarrett, so he would be discreetly available at all times."
"Sweetie," I continued, "there are some tabloid rumors that you are enjoying life so much on Maui that you may not come back. Tell me that's not true."
"That's for me to know, Barry, and you to guess." And with that, she hung up.  But enough about me.