Progress Notes for Patient 540463: OBAMA, Barack, H.

1/14/14: Patient is angry today and his ire is mostly directed at Israel, which he says has been rude about John Kerry's efforts to negotiate peace.  "What seems to be the trouble, Your Majesty?" I asked. [as noted before, I often address patient as a monarch, when he's insecure. It soothes him.]
"The zionists are frustrated that have to negotiate with us, before they can get face-to-face with other parties," declared Patient, "and they accuse Kerry's efforts of being aimed at securing a Nobel Peace prize,  rather than insuring Israel's future security."
"I'm sorry to hear that, Majesty," I replied. "Perhaps you should give Bibi Netanyahu a call and exercise some of your famous diplomatic charm. Patient  almost glowed with pleasure at my flattery. Mission accomplished---Dictated by S.H. Rink, M.D.at my