Progress Notes for Patient 540463, OBAMA, Barack, H.

1/23/14: I had arranged for a morning consultation with Patient, which I immediately regretted upon entering the Oval office. He was sitting at the Resolute desk with rows of Froot Loops cereal in front of him, carefully arranged by color.  Uh-oh  I thought. I'm going have to add Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to his multiple mental issues. He was nibbling at each color and smacking his lips. "Bastard capitalists" he cried, "they have been cheating me for years. All the colors  do indeed taste the same."
"You have my sympathy Majesty," I said soothingly, and with some relief. It seems that all I have to deal with is  the familiar paranoia and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. ---Dictated by S.H.Rink, M.D.