Barack Obama's Diary: Pootin' on a brave show

Dear Diary: I was interviewed by NBC's Bob Costas today. Costas asked if I had an 'icy' relationship with with Vladimir Putin. "Absolutely not" I said and then assured him there is a “surprising amount of humor”  between us. Of course I did not reveal our private nicknames: Obamavich and Pootin. By coincidence,  Pootin had called me earlier. As I was spooning down  my Lucky Charms.The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy tinkled from my specially-engraved and custom-made iPresidentophone. He apparently thought a cargo of U.S-made Greek-style yoghurt might be plastic explosive and had it held up at customs. "I don't trust you guys after you banned travelers to Sochi from having toothpaste, I suspect this is a dirty CIA trick to defame Russia by having reporters comment  on how everyone here has bad breath."