The Dung Beetle Award goes to...

The Academy of Dung Beetles' Award is being readied for two teenage girls from Maryland if they are
convicted of assaulting a mentally-challenged boy. Police in St. Mary's County say one of the teens, 17-year-old Lauren Bush, has been charged as an adult in the case. According to investigators, Bush and a 15-year-old girl recorded cell phone video of themselves beating the 16-year-old boy. The girls are also accused of assaulting the boy with a knife on several occasions, and forcing him to perform sex acts. Police say they also kicked him in the groin and dragged him around by his hair.They also say the suspects got the boy to walk across a partially frozen pond, and he fell through the ice several times. Police say the girls refused to help him get out of the frigid water.
Both girls face charges including first-degree assault, second-degree assault, soliciting subject in the production of child pornography, and false imprisonment. Bush is being held at the St. Mary's County Detention Center.The 15-year-old is being held at Waxters Children's Center until further action is taken by juvenile justice authorities.
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