Dim Crims: Mugged pizza man bites back

A man delivering pizzas in Buffalo, New York, was attacked by a group of four armed robbers late Monday night, but when the delivery man arrived at a home to deliver a late-night dinner, he was attacked by four men who began beating him on his head and body. One of the suspects was wearing a mask as well as a hoodie pulled over his face and was armed with a hammer, which he used to hit the man over the head. The suspect also exposed what appeared to be a gun.
But what the four assailants didn’t know was that the man they were attacking was armed as well.
The pizza guy pulled out a pistol and shot the suspect who was wearing a mask. The remaining suspects quickly scattered and fled the scene.
The injured suspect was taken to a local hospital where he is receiving treatment for gunshot wounds to the right arm and abdomen and will face first-degree robbery charges. The remaining three suspects are still at large.