Progress Notes for Patient 540463: Obama Barack, H.

8/13/2014: I had an urgent call from Valerie Jarrett asking me to make a housecall to Martha's Vineyard, with a vertical take-off-and-landing Osprey provided. The same had happened last year, so I had left my appointment book sparsely filled. I found patient in his normal state of paranoia, lying on the floor pounding the carpet beneath him with angst. He was yelling about hurricanes and something called blueberry yum yum. He had apparently ordered several hundred  'advisers' to Iraq, which  had upset Valerie Jarrett, as all decisions do. She says patient has no strategy, no objective and no exit plan all of which is upsetting the Pentagon brass, mightily. I administered a modest dose of Ativan to calm him down and suggested that things would look clearer in he morning. They won't, but at least I can go to bed early and catch up on my reading. Dictated by S.H. Rink M.D.