Barack Obama's Diary: I rediscover Lost Vegas

Dear Diary: I have been a somewhat worried about the setting for signing my piece de resistance, the immigration amnesty. I directed Valerie Jarrett, with her unwaveringly astute judgment, to come up with a venue. She suggested the White House to wrap myself in authority of the Commander-in Chief, followed next day by the Lost Vegas school where I first addressed the question of immigration reform. Lost Vegas! Brilliant!  Almost no other city in the USA is more dependent on skilled Latino workers, who are thus disincentivized from causing trouble  or even from celebraing too exuberantly. Even vacationing US citizens are too intent on feeding the slots to take much interest in political stuff. There will be little for news cameras to zoom in on except the hopeful faces of high school kids. Yet again, I amaze even myself with my ingenuity and political genius!