First lesbian President?

Blogger Da Tech Guy has an intriguing scenario:  "You're Hillary Clinton and you’re running for president and things don’t look good:
 Nobody can name an accomplishment of yours.
People presume that you are a liar, based on Emailgate.
You’re having the worst campaign launch in the history of history.
and finally, despite the best efforts of the media the “First woman president” card isn’t moving or guilting people into supporting you."It’s rapidly reaching the point where you are looking vulnerable.  You need to change the dynamic.  What do you do?  asks Da Tech Guy. "You become the first of something else.
The National Enquirer  now claims that some of the presidential candidate’s famously “deleted” emails are packed full of lesbian references and lovers’ names.
Mere tabloid titillation? " Maybe... but remember that it was the Enquirer that exposed the John Edwards affair. Read it all