Progress Notes for Patient 540463: Obama, Barack, H.

6/14/2015: The phone rang on my office desk and a familiar name was displayed, identifying the caller: V. Jarrett.
"What seeems to be the trouble, Val ?" I asked.  "Paranoia," she replied. "Can you make a house call, please, Doctor, he's bad." House calls are a flaming nuisance, but the military covers the president's medical bills and pays expeditiously...something  for which even a busy psychiatrist is grateful.
"I promise to be there within a half hour."
"I'm so grateful," she said. I immediately climbed into my new Mercedes coupe, floored the accelerator and the small turbocharged engine propelled me to the People's House within minutes, where I found Patient in his family apartment, face  down on the hideous brown sectional sofa, beating feebly at the faux velvet. "Bastards!" he said.
"Who? I asked.
 "Pelosi and the rest of those traitorous Democrats who sank my trade bill."
I injected a modest dose of Ativan into his lean and boney butt.
"He should calm down now," I told ValJar. "I'll be in my guest room downstairs, if I'm needed during the night." Dictated by S.H.Rink, MD.