Barack Obama's Diary: OK mate, you can have a few bloody minutes of my time

I have a meeting this morning with Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull and I have been practising my Australian folk ballads, to ensure he feels relaxed and at home, the bloody savage.
"Waltzing Esmeralda, Waltzing Esmeralda.... Won't you come a Waltzing Esmeralda with me...?"  I warbled.
Turnbull was unimpressed. So  at the photo-op, I gave him the "loyal ally, with a small population which punches above its weight" routine which always goes down  well with home audiences, or so my ambassadors tell me. By now Turnbull had exhausted my patience, so I dismissed him curtly from the Oval Office: " OK. you can hop off now, bloody Ozzie."