Barack Obama's Diary: I'm nuts

Dear Diary: Wouldn't you know? This is the first day  of my revived Organizing for Action campaign in the luxe premises of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in D.C and this is the day that the Duchess of Cambridge chooses to bring unto the media the heir to the British throne. As I publicly confessed at the weekend in my remarks on the Zimmerman trial,  as an African-American I know what's it like to hear drivers lock their doors as I walk down the street and women tuck their handbags under their arms as I get in an elevator. This made Michelle worry that I was getting unstable and she made me an appointment with an African-American psychiatrist -- she said it takes one to know one. Long story short: the guy thinks I'm showing symptoms of paranoia combined with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a nasty cocktail of afflictions. He gave me a mild anxiolytic and told me not to play golf for a week [as if]. But enough about me.