Gold, frankincense and Myrtle

An unwise motorist was arrested early today after a traffic stop revealed that his Mercedes-Benz contained frankincense, myrrh, and marijuana, according to South Carolina police.
Around 12:30 AM, Alain Cassagnol, 19, was spotted by a Myrtle Beach cop driving 103 mph in a 45 mph zone. Cassagnol was arrested for speeding after officers directed him to exit his car, a white 2014 sedan.
When Cassagnol stepped out of the Mercedes-Benz, cops detected a “strong odor of marijuana emitting from his person.” Asked if he was in possession of any narcotics, Cassagnol “stated yes and stated the drugs were in his pants by his groin.” An officer then retrieved a clear baggie containing 5.4 grams of pot.  Investigators also seized a bottle of frankincense and myrrh incense spray from inside the vehicle. Known as “Blunt Block,” the product is usually used to mask the odor of burnt marijuana.