Barack Obama's Diary: Angular calls

Dear Diary: My morning consumption of Froot Loops seems to attract calls from other  great leaders. No sooner had I chomped my way through my last spoonful, and fed the leftover milk to Bo than my iPresidentophone sprang to life with Ride of the Valkyries, the ringtone  I assigned to Chancellor Merkel. "Good morning, Angular" I said, for it was she.
" How many listeners do you have on my phone today? she asked.
I gave a pleasant little laugh. " Oh, you Krauts,"  I said, "Always kidding around."
"I'm replying to your invitation to me to visit with you in Washington later this year. I am accepting,"  she said.
"That's wonderful, Angular. And how is the pelvis you cracked while skiing?"
"Healing slowly," she replied frostily and quickly disconnected.
I have been watching Chris Christie handling Bridgegate. Since this began as a German-centric day I must confess to some schadenfreude  that his ample bulk is absorbing all the media glare.  Valerie has cleverly arranged sleeping quarters for Dr Rink when I have one of my little crises, sleepwalking along the White House corridors. But enough about me.