The Diary of Barack Obama:

I had just laid a  laying a wreath in a Belgian cemetery to commemorate the dead of World War One  when my iPresidentophone emitted a rousing  chorus from Song of the Volga Boatmen,  by Leonid Kharitonov and the Red Army Choir "Vladimir!" I greeted the caller, for it was he."What's up Dude?"
"Awesome day,  Obamavich. My popularity among the Russian people has never been, like higher.  I see  and that according to a new poll that you have never been more unpopular among Americans."
"Just you wait. Vladimir Putin,"  I said dimissively, "just you wait."
"Whacha gonna do?" asked Putin,  "Ban the export of Hula hoops to Russia? You've been hitting the Hawaiian pakalolo too hard, Obamavich. We're running rings around you."